Arangolds Pride of Place

Born: 30/7/2005

Agility height: 315 mm (Mini)

I got Pride when she was 11 months old. She was going to be a house dog and at some stage I was going to have a litter from her but fate changed the course of things as it does. Pride was unhappy inside so is now an outside dog and she loves doing tricks and offers up so much behaviour, she is a lot of fun to train and she fell in love with agility so that is what we are up to now. When I took Pride to her first show, she did 3 clear rounds in the 3 courses I entered her in. She just loves agility and I am having fun with her. I have now found out that "little fluffy dogs don't like to run around if it is too hot", she will just trot around an agility course and then one weekend she went flat out until it rained, then just went very slow. So from now on it is obvious that I will have to take good note of the weather forecast before heading off to agility. Joking aside, this little dog can do some very good work and loves it (if the conditions are right). She is collecting clear rounds all the time and getting placed quite often as well but the main thing is, that she loves doing it. Update: Pride has been re-homed and now enjoys been an only dog and the freedom of her own house and yard. She has always been well loved but I decided she would enjoy one on one more and not been one of many. So when the opportunity come up I took it for her. I see her every so often which has been nice.

Pride, Shift & Cloud


Pride competing 2009.