Ohutu Ghost In Disguise

CCD CD WTWL Treibball Level 2 Pushodigy

Born :  17  Oct  2009

 Story by Lisa Williamson

Almost 3 years after Cass came to live with me, Ghost was on a plane flying to Australia. He is a strong, handsome, light blue merle boy out of Whisky, by Astra Sky.

It took a couple of weeks to settle in after the flight, and then we were off !

Ghost at 14 weeks.

There's nothing....absolutely nothing that Ghost won't attempt. He will try anything and give it 100% effort....even if he's not sure what you want. Jinnie calls it a "Can-do" nature, and that's right on the money.

He works at lightning speed too....no ordinary sit, drop, recall or retrieve for this dog. He does it all like there's no time to spare. And when it comes to retrieves, once he'd learnt how to hold something, there was no stopping him. I dropped a pen the other day. He came flying in, dived under my feet and slid out to sit in front of me holding the pen ! And all in a blink of an eye.

Ghost at 1 year old.

He's a very, very energetic dog with a passion for scrub turkeys too....well anything with feathers, so some clear boundaries had to be drawn right from the start.

Ghost is very much a mixture of both Whisky and Sky and has their beautiful temperament too. He's already doing lovely Obedience work and Dances With Dogs moves. He has incredible back end awareness that has made it easy to teach a lot of the dance moves and Obedience turns and finishes. His mother, Whisky, Has the same talent too.

As for Agility....well the first time he saw the grooming table, he decided it was his turn straight away, jumped up and right over the whole thing, and he was just a puppy. Luckily I was on the other side and caught him. I think Ghost will always keep me on my toes.

Ghost and Cass at the beach.


With a zest for life in the fast lane and fun, fun, fun !

Always adventurous, and a bit of a "goose", my very clever Ghostly

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